Welcome to my Portfolio! 
My name is Anthony Hart. I fell in love with photography at a very young age and discovered how fun it was from the moments when my parents would give me those disposable 35mm film cameras! I love to be able to capture a moment in time as I saw it. 

I view photographs as an essential part of telling a story. They represent a part of someone's timeline. Something that could have been as simple panoramic view on a vacation, or the defining moment during a chapter in your life. 

I like Photography because it is a form of art. Nothing happens unless you make it happen. You get to put your personal touch on every aspect of it. You see it. You frame it. Shoot it. From start to finish, it is a product of you. 

I often take a different path to capture my work.  My work does not blend in. It is distinctly, mine. 
Thanks to this, i have been fortunate enough to work for companies such as:
Oakley | The Infinite hero foundation | Mazda | corksport 
dbot 5 | rhodium global design | A to P Wraps | Superb-tee's
Thank you!
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